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Deer University

Deer University is an educational podcast focusing on the science of deer - all topics center around deer ecology, biology, and management.

This podcast is part of the Natural Resources University podcast network.

Dec 21, 2021

In this episode we discuss the anatomy and physiology of deer relative to making effective shots that result in a rapid recovery. Our guest is Dr. Joe R. Bumgardner who is a retired surgeon.  Dr. Bumgardner practiced abdominal and chest surgery in Starkville, MS for 28 years and took his expertise from the operating room and applied it to white-tailed deer.  Dr. Bumgardner explains how broadheads and bullets disrupt the primary physiological systems of deer and cause their death. Additionally, he provides real-world examples with advice for optimal shot placement and what to do after the shot to increase your odds of recovering your deer.