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Deer University

Deer University is an educational podcast focusing on the science of deer - all topics center around deer ecology, biology, and management.

This podcast is part of the Natural Resources University podcast network.

May 27, 2020

Bronson and Steve have a conversation with Donnie Draeger to discuss the topic of culling. Two concepts are discussed in our conversation 1) culling to improve genetics, and 2) culling to manage the buck population to maintain a proper density and conserve food.  In free-ranging deer herds, culling to improve genetics simply does not work for several reasons explained in the podcast. However, if you are in an area where deer density must be controlled, and high-quality foods are limited, you should harvest does and consider strategically harvesting some middle-aged bucks with below average antlers. For more information on culling, consider checking out the book "Strategic Harvest System: How to Break Through the Buck Management Glass Ceiling" that can be found at the link below.